Coating Choices

Color 1

PVC Vinyl

    • Color: water clear to a slightly blue tint
    • Easily color tinted
    • Flexible, good all-around coating if being exposed to sunlight
    • More cost effective than Nylon
    • Good general purpose coating
    • Used in marine environments


General Purpose Nylon

    • Color: clear to slightly green tint
    • Capable of being color tinted
    • Tough and durable


Super Tough Nylon

    • Color: clear coating
    • Easily color tinted
    • Very tough / stiff coating


Color 2

Type 11 Nylon

    • Color: clear
    • Easily color tinted
    • Very flexible nylon
    • Excellent cold and warm cycle characteristics
    • Excellent coating for use over pulleys
    • Applications with high cycle or fatigue requirements



    • Color: hazy white
    • Can be tinted to opaque colors
    • Somewhat flexible
    • Used in food industry



    • Color: hazy white
    • Can be tinted to opaque colors
    • Good abrasion resistance
    • Stiff, good for underwater use


Color 3


    • Color: natural
    • Frequently colored safety yellow or orange
    • Strong & durable
    • Handles a wide range of temperatures
    • Used in automotive applications