Cable End 1x7

1 X 7 Strand Non Flexible

Straight line applications and medical devices are common applications for small diameters, Guy wire and messenger strand are typical applications for large diameters.

Available in Military Specification (MIL-DTL-87161) or Commercial Grade RR-W-410

Bare Cable Diameter Galvanized
Min. rated breaking strength
Galvanized weight per 1,000 ft. Stainless Steel
Min. rated breaking strength
Stainless Steel weight per 1,000 ft.
1/32” 180lbs 2.5lbs 150lbs 2.5lbs
3/64” 375lbs 5.5lbs 375lbs 5.5lbs
1/16” 500lbs 8.5lbs 500lbs 8.5lbs
5/64” 800lbs 14lbs 800lbs 14lbs
3/32” 1200lbs 20lbs 1200lbs 20lbs
7/64” 1600lbs 27lbs 1600lbs 27lbs
1/8” 2100lbs 35lbs 2100lbs 35lbs
5/32” 3300lbs 55lbs 3300lbs 55lbs
3/16” 3990lbs 77lbs 4700lbs 77lbs
7/32” 6300lbs 102lbs 6300lbs 102lbs
1/4” 6650lbs 135lbs 8500lbs 135lbs
9/32” 8950lbs 170lbs 10,700lbs 170lbs
5/16” 11,200lbs 212lbs 13,200lbs 212lbs
3/8” 15,400lbs 282lbs 18,000lbs 282lbs
7/16” 20,800lbs 399lbs    
1/2” 26,900lbs 535lbs    
9/16” 35,000lbs 671lbs    
5/8” 42,400lbs 796lbs