Cable End 7x7

7 X 7 Flexible Aircraft Cable

Most commonly used were moderate flexibility is important. Common applications include automotive controls, lanyards, and a large variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Available in Military Specification (MIL-DTL-83420) or Commercial Grade RR-W-410

Bare Cable Diameter Galvanized
Min. rated breaking strength
Galvanized weight per 1,000 ft. Stainless Steel
Min. rated breaking strength
Stainless Steel weight per 1,000 ft.
1/32” 110lbs 1.7lbs 110lbs 1.7lbs
3/64” 270lbs 4.2lbs 270lbs 4.2lbs
1/16” 480lbs 7.5lbs 480lbs 7.5lbs
5/64” 650lbs 11lbs 650lbs 11lbs
3/32” 920lbs 16lbs 920lbs 16lbs
7/64” 1260lbs 22lbs 1260lbs 22lbs
1/8” 1700lbs 28.5lbs 1700lbs 28.5lbs
5/32’ 2600lbs 43lbs 2400lbs 43lbs
3/16” 3700lbs 62lbs 3700lbs 62lbs
7/32” 4800lbs 83lbs 4800lbs 83lbs
1/4” 6100lbs 106lbs 6100lbs 106lbs
9/32” 7400lbs 134lbs 7600lbs 134lbs
5/16” 9200lbs 167lbs 9100lbs 167lbs
3/8” 13,300lbs 236lbs 12,600lbs 236lbs